Lunch Cafés in Glasgow and the Menus They Offer

You started your day very busy, and you are already getting tired. You can’t keep your eyes away from the clock and, finally, it’s lunchtime. An exciting time to get out of your office to explore the cooking delights Glasgow has to offer.

Whether you’re after a full-course affair or lazy lunch, we have done the leg work for you. Here is a list of the best lunch cafés in Glasgow and the menus they offer.


For those who fancy a Greek treat for lunch, Mezzidakia is your go-to café. It sits at the city centre of Glasgow and offers a taste of the Eastern Mediterranean. If you like kebabs, then you’ve got a great deal with Mezzidakia. You can also opt for gyros plus fries or rice. And if you love something a bit different, two mezze dishes plus a side will satisfy your lunch.


Chaakoo is the best recommendation for Indian food lovers. The café draws inspiration from the early 50s, tapped from the Irani-Indian cafés. Chaakoo serves a wide range of small plates that are perfect for sharing. It also offers a cracking lunch discount where you can go for a light “tiffin” with a Roomali Roti for lunch. Plus, you have the option of going for an inexpensive curry served with marsala fries or rice.

Barolo Grill

With a three-minute walk from Buchanan Street Station and Central Queen Street, you will arrive at Barolo Grill. It’s a business lunch café for lovers of Italian foods and grilled meats. A selection of Italian classics is available for you to choose from, such as a juicy steak straight from the grill, perfectly cooked pasta, or creamy risotto.